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1904 Northern Runabout


Made in 1904 this Northern Runabout 6 ½ horsepower is a really special piece coming from my own personal collection. It has had comprehensive repairs and recent recommissioning work carried out including a new crank shaft and work carried out to the gearbox. The 6 ½ horsepower engine is a single cylinder and water cooled, it runs through two speed gears and a reverse. It has had some updated modifications including an electric starter and electric cooling fan which makes this veteran car easier to use.

The bodywork is in good condition, originally this particular car was a two seater but has had a period accurate rear seat added. It is the only Northern Runabout that is green as all northerns were red as standard. This is because it was believed to be owned by the Lotus Racing Team’s chief mechanic in the 1960’s (the Jim Clark era) so had the car painted in Lotus Green and named Molly, after his wife.

The vehicle is VCC dated and London to Brighton Veteran Car Run eligible. It has completed the run many times, most recently in 2019 with myself driving it. It comes with the original manual issued by Northern which includes starting procedure and driving techniques.

Advertised in 1904 as the easiest car to drive in the world, I can safely say this Northern is the perfect entry level veteran car. It’s been well maintained and for a veteran car it’s simple to start and drive down the road. I have frequently taken this particular car out for Sunday drives, to shows and even the odd rally.


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